Exploring an Intuitive Yoga Practice: A Self Care Afternoon  with Julia Fogelson

Date: Sunday 3/24/2019

From: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Join Julia, clinical social worker, certified yoga teacher and licensed Be Body Positive Facilitator, for an afternoon of journaling, meditation, discussion and yoga centered around the theme of intuition and self-care. We will explore the joy in moving our bodies while unpacking societal and internal messages we have received about exercise. We will share a supportive and inclusive space with the intention of bringing self-compassion to ourselves, our bodies, and each other.

When “we learn to trust that our bodies have all the wisdom necessary to eat and exercise (and rest) for nourishment, fitness, and pleasure” we are guided “in living intuitively; listening to, and acting upon, the wisdom we innately possess. Deeply listening to – and following – our bodies’ specific needs and desires for…types of movement and rest make self-care a more enjoyable experience.” – The Body Positive https://www.thebodypositive.org/

This workshop is open to all gender identities and to those who practice yoga and those who do not but want to examine their relationship with exercise and develop intuition with movement and rest.

Please bring a notebook, pen, and a yoga mat. Yoga mats are also available to rent.

Price: $20-30 Sliding Scale 

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